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“Back down memory lane”

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Did you know our memory is one of our most important tools we have for a successful marriage!

That’s right! Just a quick walk back down memory lane will renew our appreciation for our spouse.

I’m not talking about walking back to the last hurt, the last ill word or the last offense. I’m talking about walking back to our beginnings. When love was “BRAND NEW”! When we couldn’t stop looking into each others eyes. When the sound of each others voices cause our heart to race out of control…yeah back there!

Don’t just take a speed walk past, but stay there a minute! Allow yourselves to be captivated in the moment. When you come back to “NOW” you will see everything looks totally different, especially each other!


Author: longevity4ever

Steve and I have been married for 33 years. We have four adult children and thirteen grandchildren. We are dedicated to strengthening marriages and bringing wholeness and restoration to hurting couples and individuals. We believe that God has called and anointed us for this time. We have a unique way of creating a safe environment for sharing and we experience a great success rate in the couples we have coached. We are available for individual couple sessions and group sessions. Steve and I are also available for workshops/ seminars and speaking. We are certified Therapon Faith Based Counselors, John Maxwell team, Coaches, Trainers and speakers. I also, have a BS degree in Psychology. Contact us for more details: alwaysonfire08@yahoo.com

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